UFC 206


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Remember when the UFC wined and dined Toronto? Brought us chocolates and flowers. Flattered us. Called us the Mecca of the MMA world. Said our fight fans were among the best around.

Oh, what a relationship we had. It seemed so perfect. They brought us cards with names such as Georges St. Pierre, Jon Jones, Randy Couture, Lyoto Machida and Jose Aldo. We thought it would never end.

And then they walked away, turned their back on us, ghosted us.

UFC 206 live stream They found others they liked better. Las Vegas, New York City. All we could do was sit and watch as the months turned into years without an event in one of North America’s largest markets.

Well, finally, our time has arrived. After more than three years, the UFC has returned to Hogtown.

But they haven’t busted down the front door proclaiming their undying loyalty to us and showering us with a blockbuster card.

ufc 206 fight card. Instead, they have returned with a card that, well, seems more suited to a Fight Night in Moncton. (No offence to Moncton, a fine town if ever there was one.)

No, the blockbuster event we were all hoping for has already taken place many times, most recently in November at UFC 205 in New York, where three title fights were on display, including Conor McGregor taking the lightweight crown from Eddie Alvarez to become the first fighter in UFC history to hold two belts simultaneously.

And what does Toronto get for its main event? Fifth-ranked Anthony Pettis, with just one bout under his belt in the 145-pound division, battling No. 2 Max Holloway for the interim featherweight crown. And, not surprisingly, although these are two dynamic fighters -Holloway is riding a nine-fight win streak – fans are underwhelmed.

There have even been tweets from loyal MMA followers to boycott UFC 206, which is set to go Saturday night at the Air Canada Centre, due to its lack of punch – some calling it the worst pay-per-view card ever – and the absence of a fighter named GSP.

With a crowded fight calendar – there is even a Fight Night in Albany, N.Y., on Friday – this is just another event crammed into an overflowing schedule.

UFC 206 start time Not that the UFC didn’t try. Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson were slated to battle it out for the light-heavyweight crown in the main event before Cormier had to pull the plug due to injury. How hard the organization tried to fill the hole, though, we’re not entirely sure.

At any rate, the UFC 206 festivities kicked off on Wednesday with open workouts held at venerable music house Massey Hall. And, holloway vs pettis though it was free to the public, Joe Rogan will undoubtedly draw a larger crowd when he hits the stage there on Friday night for a stand-up set.

It’s not that this card isn’t without some intrigue. But much of it comes from what is happening outside UFC 206 rather than in it.



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